Jesus Is The Staircase

Jesus Is The Staircase  takes you on a Journey up the steps of the only Staircase that reaches Heaven. Every prophecy, type and shadow, number, pattern, and symbol of the Old Testament was simply another step on this amazing Staircase to proclaim that Jesus is the fulfillment of it all. Through the Old Testament, God showed us what Jesus would look like before He came, so that when He came, we would know that He is the Staircase, the only way to Heaven.

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From the beginning, God was bringing the Staircase into clearer view, step by step, here a little and there a little, so that when Jesus came in the flesh, we would know that He is the Staircase that the Father had been painting the portrait of all along.
— An excerpt from Matt Rankin's book Jesus Is The Staircase


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